Headwings Global Trade Relations

About Headwings


Headwings, Inc., was founded in New York, October 1991 and, inspired by Mercury, the Roman God of Trade and Commerce, our logo symbolizes that work.

Our Mission

In keeping with our founding aspiration to "bridge the East and the West, the classic and contemporary, intangible beauty and material goods" we view our work as a way to exchange the very best that each continent and culture has to offer the other.

Trade & Relations

Headwings continues with the import and export of high quality apparel, accessories, watches, jewelry, and general and food merchandises including Italian and Spanish wines.

In addition to sourcing and trading these goods, we have strong connections with bespoke (custom) services for the design and production of complete collections of leather goods, apparel and footwear.

With more than 22 years of experience in international trade, Headwings advises, arranges and manages international business agreements for companies in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Export and Distribution

Providing export services as well as sourcing goods through numerous distribution, we know well the opportunities and challenges of contracting with Japan, the Far East, Italy and the USA.

Headwings International Trade


Headwings' import and export staples are branded luxury leather products, apparel, jewelry and accessories.

Headwings' painstaking research into each and every product group that we deal with insures that the quality of the products we supply will enhance the quality of life of each end consumer whether they be in Japan, the Far East, Italy or the USA.

Bringing the best to the table

Headwings also represents and manages the trading of highly sought after food brands and wines from Spain and Italy such as quality olive oil, pasta products, cheese, and wine. And more, as a social enterprise we foster cultural exchange through projects such as the "World Chef Group" that brings international chefs to distant shores on cultural exchange programs.