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Headwings Global Trade

In our fast-paced globalizing world, it is no longer enough to have information. Perspective, knowledge and experience of cultural and legal nuances and the ability to innovate are more essential, especially when time is money and change is the norm...
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Headwings Fashion

Headwings' import and export staples are high quality branded leather products, apparel, jewelry and accessories as well as highly sought after food and wines from Spain and Italy. But we do more for our clients and partners. Much more.
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About Headwings, Inc.

Headwings' founding aspiration to "bridge the gap of East and West, of classic and contemporary, of intangible beauty and material goods" continues to invigorate a work ever more urgent in these challenging times...
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Global Trade and RelationsTrade & Relations

With more than 18 years of experience in international trade, Headwings advises, manages and consultants for an extensive network of companies in the United States, Europe and Asia...

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Global FashionFashion & Design

Headwings Italia Srl. is responsible for the quality control and logistics of all products sourced in Europe, has an in-house design team ready to produce bespoke (custom-made) collections of leather goods, apparel and footwear...

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about usAbout Headwings

Inspired by Mercury, the Roman God of Trade and Commerce, Headwings continues this mission as well as the work of cultural messenger...

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